California Ajax Solutions Team

Software Applications for the Database-Driven Web

California Ajax Solutions Team specializes in the design of high-performance, database-driven web applications using JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, Java, or whatever technologies best fit the job at hand. We develop web sites that are browser-agnostic, and test extensively with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari - and whatever the next browser technology will be. We are always happy to work with existing graphic designs so you don't need to change your company look-and-feel just to provide new capabilities. Our specialty is working with the Document Object Model in a browser-independent way. But the code that runs on your server, with or without a database, is just as important. We model your database tables using an object-oriented approach, so our code will be more maintainable in the long run. We pride ourselves in producing small, fast server-side scripting that won't slow your users down.

If you are looking to add new features to your site that would benefit from an Ajax approach, or just want to speed things up, please contact us. We can craft a solution that meets the needs of your business - and your customers.

We are also the developers of DynaCRUX, a report generator for database-driven web applications.

What is Ajax?

Ajax is not a programming language - it is an approach to designing highly interactive web sites using a number of technologies. Some software runs in your browser, some runs on the web server, and small packets of information are passed between them. This allows your web sites to be context sensitive - and high performance, since page reloads are seldom needed and work can continue without waiting for responses to complete.