crux: 1) a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question (Merriam-Webster)

Does that describe what it's like to obtain useful information from your database?

DynaCRUX (Dynamically Create Reports Using XML) is a web-based report generator for databases. It is designed to be not only independent of browsers, but also of database technology. Thus, it can provide you, your management team, and your customers with a flexible facility for producing customized reports.

DynaCRUX can also get you an answer quickly without having to write complicated SQL queries. Just tell it what you want to know and specify the conditions using a simple Graphical User Interface and it will generate and run the queries for you.

DynaCRUX includes a number of useful features:

DynaCRUX includes several applications that take much of the work out of setting up models of your database and defining reports. You can even let your users design and run their own reports, freeing up your IT staff for other projects. Of course, you can easily restrict what a group of users is allowed to look at for security purposes.

If you need more specific information, you can learn more about DynaCRUX by reading the User Guide.